Celebrating those Golden Days of Radio
Friday June 21st
8:30 PM   The Annual ICE CREAM SOCIAL
It's Ice Cream for everyone!  Mingle with the stars and meet new friends.  The best way to end a day of great fun remembering those Golden Days of Radio.  
      Sunday June 23rd 
                      A great breakfast and one last chance to visit with our special guests.

10:30am      Salute to the Life and Career of Tommy Cook. 
Tommy began his career as a young  child actor appearing on radio shows such as Lights Out,  Red Ryder, Blondie, Life of Riley and many other shows during radio’s golden age.
Join us as we salute the life and career of Tommy Cook. 

Salute to the Life   
   and Career of
    Tommy Cook     
on Sunday Morning
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Saturday's Schedule click here.
Saturday's Schedule click here.
The Whistler was an American radio mystery drama which aired on CBS stations on the West Coast and for most of the run sponsored by The Signal Oil Company.  In our performance , we feature Chuck McCann in the title role with Tommy Cook and Terry Moore playing the featured "baddies" in this performance of a classic Whistler episode. 
For the majority of the time, a typical radio program during the golden age was presented on the air with very little problems.  However, there were those times when things don’t go quite the way they were supposed to.  More often than not, these glitches were minor and weren’t even noticed by the listeners.  However, there was a moment in the history of old time radio where “Murphy’s Law” was running roughshod all over the place.  This unfortunate situation took place on SEALTEST VARIETY THEATER with Dorothy Lamour. On the night of the broadcast, a small problem was quickly developing into a major catastrophe.  When the doors opened and the people were let in, there was a much larger crowd than anticipated. With an unruly crowd, things couldn’t get any worse--- or could they?  John and Lary Gasman take a look at the Shamrock Incident all captured live and on the air.
9 AM Opening Remarks
9:40 AM   Radio Comedy Techniques
9:05 AM   A Date With Judy   Radio Comedy Performance
11:00AM The Shamrock Incident
7:15 PM  Gunsmoke  Radio Western Performance
Lucille Ball starred in this radio series which inspired the
groundbreaking TV sitcom I Love Lucy.  Screwball comedy
antics are featured in this episode which stars Don Hastings and Leslie Denniston. 

J-E-L-L-O! The big red letters stand for the Jell-O family,
Oh, the big red letters stand for the Jell-O family,
That's Jell-O!
Yum, yum, yum!
Jell-O pudding!
Yum, yum, yum!
Jell-O tapioca pudding, yes sir-ee!
A Date with Judy which aired from 1941 to 1950 was a comedy series aimed at a younger audience. 15 year old Louise Erickson took over the role in 1943 and the series became very popular over the next few years.  To start off  the morning, we  present a performance of one of the zanier scripts from the series. The production features live sound effects and a talented cast.   
Bruce Johnson takes a look at the various comedy techniques which were utilized in radio production to create a laugh. 
10:30 AM   Sitting Around and Visiting
John and Larry Gassman moderate this panel which will feature about four of our guests who will share their memories and answer questions from the audience.  
11:45 AM The Whistler   Radio Mystery Performance 
2:00 PM Frank Ferrante as Groucho Marx
Gregg Oppenheimer is the producer and director of these collection of Groucho Marx sketches originally featured on radio and starring Frank Ferrante as Gorucho.  Don Hastings, Bob Hastings and Gloria McMillan also appear.
3:00 PM Duffy's Tavern: A History of Ed Gardner's Radio Program.
Author and Historian, Martin Grams, will look behind the scenes at one of radio's classic series.
Look for Martin's new Duffy's Tavern book which will be available soon.
4:15 PM Duffy's Tavern  Radio  Comedy Performance.
Bob Hastings stars as Archie in a performance of this  popular radio situation comedy which ran for a decade for the most part on NBC. The program often featured celebrity guest stars but always hooked them around the misadventures, get-rich-quick schemes and romantic missteps of the title establishment's malaprop-prone, metaphor-mixing manager, Archie, originally portrayed by Ed Gardner, the writer/actor who co-created the series (boy is that a mouthful).
6:20 PM Sitting Around and Visiting Part II
John and Larry Gassman moderate another sit down featuring about four of our guests who will shares their memories and answer questions from the audience.  
8:00 PM   My Favorite Husband   Comedy Radio performance
Michael James Kacey directs a thrilling and intense episode of the classic western adventure radio series.  Larry Albert stars as Matt Dillon.