Where Stars of  Radio, Television and Film Celebrate those Golden Days of Radio!

During radio’s Golden Age, listeners were entertained by legendary radio comedians, spine tingling thrillers, mysteries and adventures!  The Hollywood motion picture stars made guest appearances on top weekly radio programs often to re-create their popular movie for the American radio listener. Radio was hot and millions of listeners tuned in daily to their favorite programs.  Radio presented fascinating audio stories by appealing to the listener’s imagination.  Entire sound effects departments were developed by radio broadcasters. These sound effects men  and women were then tasked to create the sounds of footsteps, horse’s hooves, doors being slammed, rain, thunder, car engines, dogs barking, babies crying,fire cackling, running water, gun shots or whatever the situation required.
For one grand weekend this April,we will  roll out the red carpet to welcome the Stars and to bring back the sound effects artists to pay homage to the fondly remembered Golden Age of Radio.  Join us!

Expanding upon the success of Tony Dow’s 2016 Showcase performance of, “Leave it to Beaver”, this year’s audiences will be treated to TWO CLASSICS TV PROGRAMS being brought to life in the style of classic radio theater:

P L U S ! !
In addition to these highlighted programs, REPS 2017 Showcase will also include:
MORE classic radio programs brought to life by such illustrious actors as:
o     Stuffy Singer
o     Anne Whitfield
o     Sharon Baird
o      Larry Albert
o     And SO MANY MORE!
FASCINATING panel discussions and Special Guest interviews
CAREER TRIBUTE AWARD program to honor the career of Beverly Washburn
 o    Arne Zaslove’s, “The Big Broadcast”
 o      A spectacular SATURDAY BANQUET
 o      A delightful SUNDAY BRUNCH



Preview Video


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REPS Showcase is like a big family reunion. Everyone is so friendly and down to earth. I look forward to it every year.

Jenn Ollivier
Jenn Ollivier

Showcase is a way to turn the clock back  to the time when radio was a primary communication mainstay of our life as individuals and, most importantly the family. What Showcase means to me is being able to meet and enjoy the stars doing what they have done for many years performing in person with music and live sound effects.  And many of the performances over the years have proved to be extraordinary and enduring.

Paul K Secord
Paul K Secord

I love going each year because the performers, the members, and the audience are all so warm and friendly. Showcase remains intimate with lots of opportunities to mingle for all. The event has never lost that warm and friendly feeling.  A big thank you to all who make the Radio enthusiasts of Puget Sound such a wonderful experience for all of us.

Larry Gassman
Larry Gassman

REPS Showcase is a very special event.  Everyone is warm, friendly and out going.  The special guests, the shows and presentation are great fun.    I hope to see you there!

Walden Hughes
Walden Hughes